Perennial To-Do list


  • Prune and spray apple tree
  • Rake leaves away from all the snowdrops and crocus shoots
  • Rake the larch needles and branches away.
  • Cut away dead stuff
  • Get Mike the tree guy to come and cut away branches and dead trees
  • Make an attempt to plan the garden.
  • Cut branches of Forsythia and bring indoors.


  • Despite what the seed packets say, it is too early to plant peas, but a good time to plant fava beans.
  • Weed the area beside the driveway
  • Put big piles of branches and cuttings in compost
  • Pull up crabgrass at edges of yard and in the raspberries.
  • Pick the biggest weeds from the front yard.


  • Finally throw out the Christmas poinsettia and other suffering festive arrangements
  • Mulch/manure garden boxes
  • Mulch/manure raspberries, check branches to make sure they are all still tied up.
  • Inspect and re-tie up any raspberries that have come undone
  • Oil the cedar boxes with Tung oil.


  • Place soaker hoses in raspberries
  • Start planting veggie beds
  • Power wash all the stone, the front steps especially under the yews
  • Put the peony rings around the peonies


  • Weed, weed, weed, weed
  • Cut back the salal and make sure that it doesn’t interfere with blueberries.


  • Weed, weed, weed, weed, weed
  • Deadhead the rhodos


  • Buy a new fountain and find somewhere to put the broken one (on the back of the chimney?)
  • Rust-proof paint the wheelbarrow and various tools.
  • Manure, compost, soil amendment, fertilize
  • Keep the grass between the flagstones clipped
  • Deadhead more rhodos
  • Add soil to the rock garden
  • Continue to clean out under the brush
  • Reduce “the pile”
  • Deal with the overhanging cedars from the neighbors.


  • Cut back old raspberry canes – NOTE: this year save the hollow canes for bee homes.
  • Sieve compost from last year
  • Add lime to garden
  • Plant winter lettuce, carrots, spinach, kale.
  • Split lilies.


  • Prune hedges around raspberries, and cedar above raspberries
  • Prune lauryl hedge
  • Cut down the lauryl tree on South East corner of property (WHAT? I’VE DONE THIS BEFORE?)
  • Make sure the salal isn’t interfering with blueberries.


  • Pull up all the anemones in the summer/fall.
  • Cut all the  plants back as they die so I won’t have to deal with rotted dead stuff in the spring.
  • Weed, fertilize and mulch raspberries. Figure out what fertilizer adds sweetness.
  • Cover fall/winter crops.


  • Remove the dead leaves from crocosmia, black eyed susan, daisies.
  • Make sure that the raspberries are still tied up.
  • Trim hedges and prune near the power line.
  • Weed, weed, weed


  • Look around at what might get damaged by snow: cut off dried hyrangeas and tie up the hemlocks.
  • Lime

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