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This blog is my online journal to keep track of what is going on in different parts of the garden, different times of the year.

Just about spring…I hope

Short version: I think spring is finally here. A rabbit was hanging out in our garden. Blueberries in the back, changes to the front, and a sauna. Longer version: My last blog post (in January) was definitely not prophetic. I … Continue reading

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Game on: Garden season 2019 starts early

The short version: It’s a mild winter here in Vancouver and I’ve already planted my fava beans. I’ve given up valuable gardening space for a passion project. The long version: The mild winter and the recent sunshine pulled me outdoors … Continue reading

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These are the colors (and flavours) of my life….

Before my first trip to Spain in 2010, I bought a Spanish language CD to help my sons and I to learn a bit of the language. The CD consisted of minimal dialogue (similar to a recitative) and a series … Continue reading

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Summer highlights

Summer brings so many wonderful things and I’ve tried to appreciate them all: the wind in the leaves, the flowers, the sound of the birds, and all my people.¬†With¬†several weeks of summer left, it may be premature to award prizes, … Continue reading

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This year I was enticed by photos of multicolour Easter egg radishes in the West Coast Seeds catalogue and recipe inspiration from my favourite cookbook. I read the seed planting instructions carefully, and did a first sow mid-February, then again … Continue reading

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A short birthday tribute to gardening goddess Elizabeth Loomer

I rely on a month-by-month birthday calendar that hangs on the wall in my office. When google’s artificial non-intelligence kept multiplying birthday reminders, I stopped using my electronic calendar for this task. Perhaps a function of my advancing age, I … Continue reading

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Celebrating the first harvest of the year and hopeful raspberry propagation

Today I harvested the first bouquet of kale this year. I roasted the kale Melissa Clark style, at 450 degrees with lots of olive oil and tossed it with a Melissa Clark-inspired yogurt-garlic-lemon juice dressing. Topped with toasted walnuts, half … Continue reading

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