Something is eating my lettuce.

Last weekend I was bragging to Ward, the City Farm Boy  about my fabulous garden.  Actually, I guess it doesn’t really count as bragging, because he built it. Anyway, I was telling him about how everything is starting to come up – radishes, kale, potatoes and lettuce.  I am particularly happy about the lettuce because I had about a 95% germination rate, and so they were coming up in rows, perfectly spaced.

Well.  I spoke too soon…yesterday I went out and most of the green lettuce is gone. GONE! There were a few other lettuce shoots (they have four leaves now) were just laying on the soil, as if they were being eaten from the roots up. So, of the 120 or so shoots that I originally had, FOUR survived.

If it stops raining, I will got out and take a picture of my remaining lettuce.

The good news is that the potatoes are now coming up.

PS – the next day when I went out to take a few photos, the rest of the veggies were chewed up!  Grrr. You can see the radishes above and the spinach below. I sprinkled eggshells all around for snail voodoo.

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1 Response to Something is eating my lettuce.

  1. vivian says:

    hey the life of a real live farmer!!!!

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