Saskatoon berries: the taste of summer

Our Saskatoon berry tree in the back yard has been producing for years, but this is the first year that we’ve been able to pick and eat many of the berries. Since most of the berries are still far out of arms reach, most still belong to the birds.

I love the taste and texture of the individual berries. The best way to eat them is to put a whole handful of ripe ones in your mouth at one time. So far this summer I have enjoyed several big handfuls of berries, and each time the taste has triggered memories of picking Saskatoon berries when I was small, near Charlie Lake, BC.

Late this afternoon I went to pick raspberries and I ended up doing the same thing: eating big handfuls of ripe berries. For me, the thing I like best about my garden is being able to pick and eat as many berries as I can. The evergreen blueberries are starting to ripen as well – this is the first year I have noticed the berries on those bushes probably because I spend so much time in that part of the yard weeding.


Today featured a weeding marathon and I managed to cover much of the front yard. In addition, I planted some lettuce (cos, rouge d’hiver, freckles) at the end of the lettuce box. The lunar calendar indicates that July 23-26 are good dates to plant, so lets hope it is right.

I staked the fava beans to the bean poles. Although favas don’t wrap themselves around the poles, now that the beans are starting to mature, the plants are starting to fall over because of the weight.

Finally, I added some bean poles to the beans. That bed has a mix of both bush and pole beans and they are finally starting to flower.

Picked a mix of lettuce for dinner and picked some chard and as much kale as I could for tomorrow’s dinner (not much). The romaine is getting bitter, which means that the lettuce is about to bolt.

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