Transplants: miniature strawberries

This is the first of three posts are about “transplants” – plant gifts from other gardeners.

These miniature strawberry plants came to us from a garden on Gambier Island. We planted them in the back yard and within two years they had started creeping around the house and up the steps. Now the strawberries are making themselves at home in the front yard, and I have even started to pull some of the more brazen plants out.

This year the strawberries have been particularly productive. Note that half of the the plants in the front yard produce albino berries and seem sweeter than the red ones. One reason for the high productivity this year may be due to the fact that the berries are located near California poppies, which attract a lot of bees. Interestingly enough, about half of the poppies in the front of the yard are also albinos.

Tomorrow: Lily of the Valley.

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