Niçoise green beans

Last summer I saw small bags of thin, perfect green beans at Trout Lake.  I picked up a bag to fondle the beans, then put it down again abruptly when I found out the price was $7.00, which was about twice what I expected to pay. Of course, I couldn’t just put the beans down quietly and leave, I had to scream “WHAAAAA!!!” and wave my hands beside my head (yeah, jazz hands. I know. Bad dramatic gesture).

“These are niiiiiiiii-çoiiiiiiiiiii-sssssssse beans” the vendor hissed, emphasizing each and every syllll-laaa-ble.

“Is that a specific kind of bean species?” I asked. I was curious, because to me they looked just like immature bush beans, the type that are too small to pick. Obviously, I should have stretched my syllables out more when I spoke, because he didn’t seem to hear and instead turned his attention to a more deserving customer.

This year I was going to see if I could produce my own “niiii-çoiiiii-ssse beans” by picking my bush beans early. We are growing “jade” bush beans, which are great producers and never seem to get tough like pole beans. The beans started producing full-sized beans about two weeks ago, and since that time we have been picking a large bowl about every three days. Right now the beans are at a peak  productivity, and so later today I am going to blanch and freeze a few bags of the full-sized beans for the winter/fall. Then I am going to go out and turn my attention to the smaller ones to see if I can pick some  niiii-çoiiiii-ssse beans for dinner.

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