Bee Envy

By nature, I am not a jealous person. At all. Ever. Except I often have feelings of profound envy when I visit my friend “Ms. W”. She has two things that I actively covet: her kitchen and her backyard bee hive.

#1: The perfect kitchen. Her kitchen is maximally functional, with a gas stove, lots of counter space, amazing storage and good lighting. I know I must be a super-annoying guest because every time I visit I run my hands over her counters like I have OCD, and always open the drawers because (a) the drawer handles aren’t sticky, (2) I like to admire the custom inserts, (3) her kitchen drawers don’t scrape when they open, and (4) are not full of breadcrumbs, elastics, bits of leaves and other detritus swept there by people who don’t like to clean up. Light reflects off all the clean and uncluttered surfaces. The sink isn’t full of dirty dishes and empty plastic containers. I don’t stick to the floor (okay, she has dogs to clean up spills). Sigh…..okay back to reality.

#2: A bee hive. This year Ms. W hosted a bee hive from a company called 3b honeybee. Earlier in the  year, they placed a large hive in a quiet corner of her  yard, and the bees have been working hard all summer making honey. Interestingly, the bees always come and go using the same route, which the W’s have named “the bee highway”. I didn’t actually run my hands over the outside of the hive or open any of the drawers, but I admired the hive when I was there earlier this week, and I hope to host one next summer.

Check out the 3bhoneybee website for more information:

PS: I e-mailed the 3Bhoneybee guys, and they have added me on their list for next year! Yay!!!!

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