Will the fall greens last into winter?

Pac Choi

I started my winter garden in August and am now wondering if that was perhapsa little too early. The carrots and kale are up and the lettuce, spinach and pac choi are thriving. Almost every day we have a salad for dinner.

I need to figure out how much coverage is appropriate for winter, and when I need to put the cover on. The husband has an enviable cloche set up at the back of the yard to cover his beloved wooden boat while he strips and varnishes it. I have been trying to determine when he is going to be finished with the boat so that I can re-purpose the cloche, but I somehow don’t think that things will align quite perfectly. Looks like I will have to get more creative with my winter coverage solutions.


  • Cut back the drying plants such as peonies, gentians and crocosmia.
  • Start to weed the rock garden and pull up some of the plants, like the spring vetch, which has moved itself half way across the yard.
  • Border patrol to remove all the invasive ivy and morning glory vines.
  • Call the tree guy to trim that out-of-control willow or whatever it is in the front.
  • Find a source of garlic for planting.
  • Plant winter favas (today!)

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This blog is my online journal to keep track of what is going on in different parts of the garden, different times of the year.
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