Chrystal vs Slug

A view into Slug Biodome #2

The slug biodomes were activated just over a week ago, and a quick inspection  revealed that the plants in biodome #2 are all doing very well – the spinach is growing quite fast and the kale is thriving. I was especially happy to see that the kale had few aphids. The bottom leaves on each plant are turning yellow and falling off (see photo above), so I removed all the detritus.

I also planted some arugula in the empty space on the far side of the dome. Yes, I know it is too cold to germinate but I wanted to try anyway.

Evidence of slug activity….

Biodome #1 has obvious signs of slug activity and the lettuce is “failing to thrive”. Still, there are at least a few salads there, if I manage to harvest the good lettuce before the slugs eat it all.

This weekend is about winter preparation activities:

  • Folding up all the deck chairs and putting the tables away.
  • Putting the rest of the slug biodome materials away (currently sitting in covered area).
  • Cut back dying foliage on lilies.
  • Planting snowdrops and last tulips
  • Weeding, especially the garden boxes.
  • Raking leaves (delegated task)
  • Planting blue anenome corms.
  • Writing a “wrap up” blog of 2013 successes and failures.
  • Doing some tomato research.

About Chrystal

This blog is my online journal to keep track of what is going on in different parts of the garden, different times of the year.
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