Only a few days left to order your authentic Thunderbirds manure…

A close-up view of snowdrops

A close-up view of snowdrops

Like me, you might be starting to feel spring cues: more daylight and slightly warmer temperatures. But it doesn’t yet smell like spring yet. Spring has lots of great aromas and the one that I am waiting for is the spring forest smell: trees, dirt and a bit of mould. I rode my bike along Chancellor boulevard this afternoon, right beside the forest, and didn’t smell a thing. Of course, you know where I am going with this…

It’s going to smell like spring soon: the Thunderbirds Track & Field club is having their 13th Annual Manure Sale. Every year we used to drive past the Boy Scouts selling manure and The Man used to say “Look at that authentic Boy Scout Manure! I bet those Boy Scouts sure have been busy…”, implying that the Boy Scouts had pooped out the manure themselves. Ha ha. Now that our kids are selling manure as their Track&Field fundraiser, the jokes have stopped.

Order your manure online now ( and on March 2 or 3rd, it will be delivered to your home in nice sealed bags by the athletes.Last year we ordered 30 bags and have several left. This year, I ordered 25 bags for the raspberries and the garden boxes and to spread around, wherever the soil needs some extra mojo. It will soon smell like spring around our house….

This is one of the last bags of manure left over from last year, blocking a rodent burrow.

This is one of the last bags of manure left over from last year, blocking a rodent burrow.

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