Tulips are out!

more cheese

Orange and yellow tulips, with grape hyacinths.

I am extremely fond of the color orange. I sometimes wonder if my affinity for all-things-orange is genetically influenced by my Dutch ancestry. With that fact in mind, it should be no surprise that one of my absolutely favorite flowers is orange tulips.

Last fall I blogged about selecting lots of orange-hued blossoms for my garden (a “cheese garden”). Most of these are now starting to appear in the rock garden at the back.  This is a hard area to plant, as the ground is rocky and the depth is variable. Clustering tulips from the same variety together was a good decision.

The yellow and mango-colored tulips planted in the front are in various stages, with some past their prime and others still to bloom. The

Love these orange ones. Planted by me.

Love these orange ones.

Yellow tulips planted by me.

Yellow tulips planted by me.

pink tulips in the containers haven’t come out yet, but I hope they do before I leave on vacation.  (note to self: next year plant the TALL tulips in the centre and the SHORT tulips around the outside).

All around the garden, various other types of spring flowers are now at their best. Many of these were planted by my in-laws many years ago, over the years have multiplied and now enormous clusters appear every spring. Most of these pictures are taken with my phone, so I have shrunk them all down so  you can’t see how blurry they are.

out of focus lilies

Alpine Lilies. Planted by Marta and Vlad


Anenomes – white, pink and blue tinted. We have 100s of these around the garden. Planted by Marta and Vlad.

out of focus triliums

Trilliums and lilies. Planted by Marta and Vlad.

blue anenome

Blue anenome. I planted 25 blubs last fall, but this is the first one to emerge. Super annoying that I can’t figure out how to line up these photos.

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