Goodbye to the bees….

In so many ways, this was a fabulous summer: great weather, the most apples that we’ve ever had from our tree, lots of zucchinis produce and the bees. We all loved having the bees in the back of the yard. After having had a few conversations with Art and Bryn, even the reluctant son was less apprehensive about the bees.

Art and Bryn sent out an email to say that they are coming to pick up the hives this weekend, at dawn or dusk, when the bees are in the hive. I feel sad that the bees are leaving. I look forward to the honey-tasting in the fall, and look forward to hosting a hive again next summer.

Whats next for the bees

Beekeeping is a year-round operation. Once Art and Bryn pick up the hives and transport them out to Langley, they are going to have to treat the bees for mites. They’ve seen the mites in most hives so will be treating each of the hives with formic acid; the bees survive, but the mites do not.  Hopefully, the bee colonies will survive over the winter.

What’s next for the garden

Lots of things are starting to die back, other things are growing with great vigor. The over-winter veggies I planted a few weeks ago are growing rapidly have are being eaten by slugs. I  will plant some more winter seeds this coming week.

The beans are in full force, and I have to keep picking them small before they get big and tough.

Hedges need trimming and some of my shrubs did not survive the heat.

Finally, the lemon tree

This summer I bought a small lemon tree which has just THRIVED on our deck. It flowers almost constantly, so every time I step outside I inhale and smell Spain. Ahhhh… the last few months many of the flowers started to form lemons, and many of the lemons are several inches long, but still dark green. In the last week I noticed that many of the smallest lemons all started to fall off the tree; I gathered a large handful off the deck. I called the nursery where I purchased the tree, worried that it wasn’t warm enough anymore and they said:  (1) the lemon tree can stay outside until frost; (2) the tree drops the baby lemons when there is too much fruit.

Okay, that’s it for now. A season of gardening activity is starting soon…..



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1 Response to Goodbye to the bees….

  1. patsquared2 says:

    When I read “Goodbye to the bees….” I got worried, thought they were too much. I forgot you hosted them for the summer! Glad they are coming back next year. Wish I could find someone to set up hives in my back yard.

    If you’ve got slug problems, try diatomaceous earth…just sprinkle it around the plants. I use a spoon if I can get around the perimeter of each plant and an old sifter, if I can’t. The diatomaceous earth cuts the slug bodies and they dehydrate and die. And it’s biodegradable. DON’T buy it a the pool store; get it at an ag store or feed and grain store. It works and it is environmentally friendly.

    My garden is dying back too and I am clearing out the plants – so many of them – that didn’t produce anything including my eggplants and my peppers. The green beans are pouring off my plants, too, and I am picking, roasting and enjoying them. Have lettuce and beets in the ground, sweet potatoes waiting for the first frost and I am thinking about next sprint already. Don’t you just love gardening!


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