Wine crisis on the horizon

Just about every week, I have an email “check in” with two of my friends – one of us sends a lengthy email, the other two then respond. We describe what we’ve been doing during the week, the high points and the lows, and we share funny stories and frustrations. One of these friends lives in Ontario and has created a beautiful app called the Ontario Wineries Guide and has a blog linked to the app. Last month she attended a wine festival and learned, from one of the Ontario grape growers, that there may not be a 2014 vintage.


Apparently the cold weather in Ontario has killed many of the grape buds.  On her blog, Ontario Wineries Guide she describes how the grape buds are assessed and has some illustrative photos. A great blog – definitely worth a look (and get the app too).

A poor grape harvest isn’t good news for anyone. I will be interested to see how this plays out and what will happen in BC as a result. I know that many of our wines are made with grapes grown elsewhere, so any shortages in Ontario are likely to be felt here as well…


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