Garden visit: UBC Botanical Garden

Tree canopy at the UBC Botanical Garden

Tree canopy at the UBC Botanical Garden

On the weekend we decided to take a break from working in our own garden to visit the nearby UBC Botanical Garden. That garden is always a source of inspiration and every time I am there I notice something new. Here are a few of the things I like the best about UBC Botanical Garden:

1. A variety of different environments

The garden includes rainforests (above), water gardens, a formally planted herb garden and arid areas (among others). The mix is nice, and doesn’t get tiring.

2. A food garden

The UBC Botanical Garden has a productive and visually pleasing food garden. Vegetables growing in beds, surrounded by kiwis, grapes and espalier applies. The best part? All the food grown in the garden is given to to charity.


A view of the UBC Botanical Garden veggie garden

poppies ubc

Another view, with poppies in the foreground.

 3. Making great use of what you have.

The Man was looking for xeroscaping alternatives so we spent a lot of time in the alpine garden. This is positioned in an exposed dry spot, which is perfect for these little plants, but probably not for anything else.

alpine 1 alpine 2 alpine 3

4. Mystery features

The garden has a small amphitheater at the north end which includes a truly bizarre “champagne glass” fountain. I haven’t heard of this being used for anything like plays or performances. One great feature (and possible source of inspiration) was the wall. Although the amphitheater is obviously new and thoroughly modern, the wall was built with striated concrete (including a few layers of small rocks) to give it a kind of “ancient feel”. Love that.


Amphitheater at the UBC Botanical Garden. Notice the champagne glass fountain on the right.


This wall is in the top centre of the picture above. Notice the striations and layers of rock.

Overall rating: top marks for interest, variability and emptiness. Mid-day Sunday and there were few people there.

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This blog is my online journal to keep track of what is going on in different parts of the garden, different times of the year.
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2 Responses to Garden visit: UBC Botanical Garden

  1. Vivian says:

    Love this post!
    Me want to go there:)
    Very inspiring.

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