Manurefest 2017

img_6354Yesterday was mushroom manure delivery day: 60 – 40 pound bags of manure stacked in neat piles on my driveway, 2000 pounds in total. I asked one of my sons if he would be interested in helping me move the bags to the back of the garden for 50 cents a bag. Before he could even respond, the other son was out the door, trying to get a head start. It became a big competition (like many things are for twins) with my sons running from the front yard to the back, carrying bags under their arms or on their shoulders. Less than 30 minutes after I took the picture above, all the manure was (neatly!) stacked in the back of the garden. They decided to split the earnings equally, and I gave them each a big tip.

I don’t move quite as fast as they do, so it took me the rest of the afternoon to top up each of my garden boxes – soil levels were down about six inches. I spread the manure through the raspberry patch, I top dressed the flower bed in the back where I grow delphiniums and borage, around the rose and hydrangeas and around the roots of a few tress. I think I only spread 20 bags before it started to get dark and I went inside.

Yesterday was cool but not unpleasant, and it was nice to see that the tiny green tips of the raspberry leaves are starting to show.  I pulled a lot of weeds that were starting to come up as well as the crab grass that is creeping in everywhere. I’m glad I spent so much time out there yesterday because this morning (and most of today) it snowed. The snow drops love the cold weather and have been blooming continuously for almost two months, but I worry that some of the other flowers and plants are going to be behind schedule.


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2 Responses to Manurefest 2017

  1. patsquared2 says:

    Jealous! I think I write that one word every year!! There is no such enterprise in my area even though I live in the, …mushroom capital of the world…”! Oh well, will have some delivered in bulk, if I need it this year. I made a powerful amount of compost last summer and spread it last fall. But, I did get 2 new raised beds for my birthday…which need filling. Loving this.

    • Chrystal says:

      It seems that we never make enough of our own compost which is why we buy so much manure. The manure is actually a fundraiser for a local track & field team, so we can feel extra good about it! Post photos of raised beds….

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