No space for high maintenance plants (or people).

Another cold rainy Sunday, the perfect day for a date at Southlands Nursery. I managed to find double tuberose bulbs (sold out last time) and the Man selected more ferns and a funky shrubby evergreen.  We found a replacement for the dead Japanese maple: a red-barked bush that is less of a tree and more of a bush. Not only is it visually appealing, but the label said “hardy” and “easy to care for”.

The instructions for the tuberoses describe how to remove the corms after blooming and how to store them in sawdust until the next spring.  This made me panic and so I checked the fine print instructions on the rest of the moon garden bulbs. Both the freesias and the orchids have special requirements as well – not likely that they will last more than one season in my garden. Luckily, the lily of the valley and the bleeding  hearts are more robust and low maintenance.

Both the Man and myself like anything that can be described as “hardy”, “reliable”, “easy to care for”, “easy to grow”, “comes back year after year!”.  I am so adverse to drama that when I read plants or seed descriptions that say “adds unexpected drama to rock gardens and secluded corners!” I put down the plant/seed packet and walk away. Our affection for hardy, reliable and easy to care for entities extends to people as well as plants; luckily our kids are fairly robust and low maintenance.

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