But, but where is the kale?

Yesterday, I took my people to the winter farmers market where we had some lunch (chevre crepes and maple syrup candy) and we stocked up on eggs, fish, apples and lots of dried things: vegetable medley, apples, oregano and tomatoes. I was disappointed that I didn’t see any kale, so we pointed that out on the market survey (see below).

I am always amazed at what my people find most interesting at the farmers market; yesterday the mushrooms were the big hit. The way that the vendor carefully peeled tiny little enoki mushrooms off the bunch and presented one to each of us, made them seem rare and precious. This morning the guys were excited to see them in crepes along with baby shitake’s, fresh tomatoes and feta.

Lots of action happening in our garden lately….more posts and photos to follow.

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This blog is my online journal to keep track of what is going on in different parts of the garden, different times of the year.
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