A super boring post about what I planted.

My not-so-careful planting plan is totally messed up.  When I made the plan, I did it according to the whole “crop rotation” concept, devoting one planter to each type of “crop”, however I didn’t actually work out where in the planter things were specifically planted, nor when they were planted and as a result, I don’t have as much room as I expected.

I had intended to alternate the potatoes with parsnips as they are companion vegetables and are both in the root vegetable family. Problem is, the potatos were planted in trenches in March, and they still haven’t come up so the dirt from the trenches is piled up between each trench, so I haven’t been able to plant the parsnips there. Instead, the parsnips, carrots (purple and mini ones) as well as four rows of beets were planted in the cruciferous planter, next to the kale.

So in my spring enthusiasm, I planted chives and scallions in the herb planter and then filled the rest of the planter with  alternating rows of lettuce, radishes and spinach.  Okay, no big disaster there – I can replant in the summer with flowers and herbs when the lettuce and spinach are consumed.

Also replanted my old plants in the new stone planter. This has some pretty bad soil; the planter was back filled with material that was removed for the wall foundation and so contains lots of rocks, sand, clay.  I added several bags of manure and when I put my plants in I added lots of sea soil around the roots. Fixing the soil in this area is going to be a long-term project.  This is also where I was thinking of putting the tomatoes…..

And, I planted leeks inside, for next winter. Now I just have to remember to water them.

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