Shirley Double Mix (I need a better camera)

Shirley double mix poppies.

Most of my gardening focus is on (1) growing vegetables; (2) pruning hedges, tress and shrubs; and (3) trying to get some one else to mow, trim or weed. A distant tertiary priority is (4) filling up the space not occupied by vegetables, hedges or grass. That is where flowers come in.

One of the seed packets that I ordered from West Coast Seeds contained “Shirley Double mix” which is described in the catalogue as

P. rhoeas
Translucent red, pink and white blooms come in singles and doubles. Height is dependant on the soil quality but Shirley Double Mix generally grows to heights of 30cm (12″) to 120cm (4ft). 

That description doesn’t do the flowers justice. Although they only ended up blooming in one area, this was right in front of deck, so they were much admired. There are about six different poppies in this blend, and they are all tall and gorgeous. My photo simply doesn’t do the flowers justice.

I am collecting seeds from these poppies (along with seeds from the white cosmos) and am going to plant the entire bed with those two varieties next year. I anticipate that this will require constant deadheading, but it is well worth the effort.

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