Plants that have fallen and can’t get up

Falling over poppies

Poppies that have fallen and can’t get up.

Last year my favas were planted in crappy soil, grew to over 6 feet tall and didn’t require staking or support. This year, they are planted in one of the garden boxes, and even though they are only three feet tall, they have started to fall over.  The first few to fall snapped off at the roots (boo!) but now most of them are leaning against each other and bean growth continues. I am not sure why this is  happening, because these are the same type as last year (Windsor), they are not heavier than last year as the pods are still quite small, and  they are getting enough water.

I’ve noticed this happening with my poppies too, especially the red ones. Mostly they continue to bloom, the leaves turn yellow and then they break off completely and I have to remove the plant. Luckily the bed is overcrowded (hmmm…maybe that is the problem) so another plant expands and fills in the space.

One of my friends had a similar problem with her houseplants; the plant itself was vibrant and healthy, but because the nutrients were unbalanced, the roots didn’t develop and her houseplants would die. I am wondering if the same thing is happening with my plants…

Feel free to send me any suggestions for what might be wrong, and advice for fixing it….


Favas that have fallen and can’t get up. Note that several potatoes grew in this bed as well: leftovers from last year!

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