Reposting Pat’s blog: Awesome organic weed killer from TastyLandscape

It’s super hot out. I like Spanish hot weather because it means I am either sitting on a deck or on a beach, holding a glass of cold sangria poured by one of my handsome amigos. I don’t quite have the same princesa movie-star life here in Canada and as a result, hot weather usually finds me working hard in the kitchen/house/garden to keep things moving along.

Just now I logged onto my computer and saw this great post from PatSquared, one of the blogs that I follow. So, instead of blogging in the heat, I am going to direct everyone to her awesome post.

Awesome organic weed killer from TastyLandscape.

This solves my huge problem about what to do to kill weeds. Now that I have the bees, I don’t want to use any chemicals or roundup.  So, I am going to make some ice tea, have a siesta and then I am going to make a big batch of natural weed killer and get to work…

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