Lettuce Lattice: on the wish list for 2015

We did not  have a great lettuce year this year. Despite frequent watering and good soil, lettuce sprouted and then took forever to grow. So, here is what we are doing for next year:



Dave's latticeThis picture and FB post were from Dave Lockyer who lives in Sooke.

“Ok, it’s getting ridiculous, putting the lattice in place to keep the cats out has turned into a huge benefit. The lattice shades the lettuce roots, keeps the moisture in and creates a frame for the delicate plants. We must have reaped 3 times the lettuce and no end in sight! Just thought some of you oreganos should know.”

If I was a little more facebooky I would have just forwarded it through that medium. But I lose track of FB posts and ideas that I want to keep.

Big thanks to Kathy for sending this and big thanks to Dave for giving me permission to post this!!!


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3 Responses to Lettuce Lattice: on the wish list for 2015

  1. Very neat idea! Keep us posted (pun intended) on how that works out for you next year!

  2. patsquared2 says:

    Brilliant! I may have to adopt that but I don’t have cats…4 terriers of varying pedigrees see to that!

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