Cheers to borage

borage plant

Borage in the centre foreground, delphinium in the back.

This  year I planted borage because it is apparently a bee favorite.  I planted it in May from seeds and am very pleasantly surprised how large and robust the plant is. The flowers are edible and apparently the “cucumber flavoured” leaves can be used in salads, if you don’t mind the fuzziness (i do).

It only started blooming in the last couple of days, which is a shame because I had great plans for freezing the blossoms in ice cubes for Vesna’s birthday drinks. borage


Late afternoon G&T with borage blossoms in the ice cubes.

Maybe it is just as well that the borage didn’t bloom in time. Although it looks fabulous in iced tea or gin & tonic, drinking one of the flowers is a bit slimey and unexpected. Would I do this again? Yes. BUT, would warn guests to drink very fast before the ice melts and the flower is released…

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