The arrival of fall: 2:17 pm today

photo 1

Potato harvest 2014

Fall 2014 arrived this afternoon, August 15, at 2:17  pm, at least for me. I was standing in a home organization store with my friend Julia after our lunch date and just as I reached to pick up some kitchen thingy, I was struck by the sudden awareness of fall. I don’t know what it was that triggered the feeling. Perhaps a change in the quality of the light? A different smell? A subtle change in temperature? Whatever it was, I felt the arrival.

This evening I plated the over-winter garden. I dug in my last few 40 pound bags of mushroom manure into the box and planted the following rows (from east to west):

  • Kale: Vates blue curled scots
  • Spinach: space
  • Lettuce: freckles
  • Arugula: roquette
  • Kale: red russian
  • Lettuce: coastal star
  • Arugula: wild arugu;a
  • Cilantro: coriandrum sativum
  • Lettuce: speckled butterhead
  • Mesculuns

This evening The Man told my son that fall had arrived. He felt it too. His prediction is that it is going to be a cold, wet September. We will see if that happens.

photo 2

Salad nicoise with lettuce, potatos and beans from our garden.


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