Inspiration for next summer

zinia border

This isn’t my garden, but I wish it was!

Now that the garden is rehydrated, everything is coming back to life. The black eyed Susans in the front are thriving. Their big bursts of yellow will soon be joined by the purples and blues of the chrysanthemums¬† which will last until after the first frost. Not all of our plants were so lucky – all the heathers dried up and need to be replaced. We’re thinking of adding more color to the front next year, so have been looking around for ideas.

These photos are from a stunning border on the corner of West 12th and MacDonald. In addition to lots of tomato plants and ginormous sunflowers, there are also all types of marigolds, zinnias and some types of cone flowers.

While I was standing there admiring the flowers, one of the neighbors walked by and told me that gardener’s intention was to plant these for the entire neighborhood to enjoy. His project was definitely a success and an inspiration for others. Enjoy!


You can see the tomatoes on the right.

zinias 2

West 12th and MacDonald.

zinn again

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  1. Carol Waldmann says:

    I know this house. The garden is amazing!!!

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